Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spinning on Through

I have been absent, but busy. The biggest news is that I finally got my spinning wheel! I decided on a Kromski Fantasia unfinished and with a little guidance from Mark, finished it myself.  Mark insists on reminding me he did the first coat of linseed oil. Never mind it was followed by 5 more coats while he was galavanting about with his buddy on a 4-wheeler. Boys like to feel they are an indespensible part of your project if it includes construction of any sort I suppose.

I also painted the MDF with a hammered copper spray paint, along with a portion of the grass in the front yard. Who said a lawn doesn't appreciate a little adornment once in a while too?

After everything had ample time to dry I began assembling. I nearly cried when I discovered a very vital piece was missing. The crank that connects everything to the pedals so the wheel actually moves was nowhere to be found! I dumped all of the wrappings out of the package and filtered through them in case I had missed it, but no. Thankfully Paradise Fibers came to the rescue and quickly shipped the item to me though and while I was at knit night Mark put the last pieces together so it was waiting for me when I got home. I told you he likes to be helpful.

A week later I have already produced a few hundred yards of finished yarn, and that is not including what is waiting on my spindle. I will come back later with pictures of the first yarns produced by my little beauty soon.

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