Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Discovering Dahlia

Technically I discovered Dahlia this past summer when I visited Amy Sanchez's (the jewelry artist behind Dahlia) booth at one of the local art festivals in Spokane.  She is vintage with an edge.  She says she designs "nostalgic adornments for the modern girl." However you want to say it, I love it.  I bought a pair of earrings and this necklace at the festival.

I was digging through my purse today and came across her business card and a 10% off coupon that I might just have to use on these earrings.

Even though I fell in love with just about everything in her booth I had never gotten around to looking at her website.  Good thing I did too because it looks like she will be having a display at one of the local boutiques downtown in December for their open house.  Can someone let Mark know that any of her jewelry would make excellent Christmas presents?  Please.....

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