Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Joyful Tuesday

These things are bringing me joy today...

This adorable face warming himself by the heater vent.  He seriously runs to almost every time the heater turns on and he is awake.

A man both kid enough at heart and man enough to take a PB&J to work for lunch.  Of course it is a bit grown up with all natural peanut butter and my homemade nectarine and raspberry preserves.

Sitting down with a pot full of flowering tea while I wait for Lost to start.  There is something truly joyful about watching a flower sprout out of a ball of tea leaves. 

My purchase from For Strange Women arrived!  I bought three sample vials of her botanical oil perfumes and a tube of lip balm.  Thank you theurchiness for pointing this store out.

And last, but not least, my Grandma's pitcher collection.  I love them all, but the blue one in the center is special because my grandparents received as a wedding gift more than 50 years ago.


  1. OMG those pitchers are ADORABLE.

    Which perfumes did you get?? I love the Winter Kitty one as perfume, and the Moss and Ivy is great for aromatherapy!

  2. I wondered what happened to those pitchers.....I think they look great up there. : )