Monday, August 31, 2009

My Wings Are Humming

Every now and then I will share pieces of my life that are making me particularly joyous, i.e. "My Wings Are Humming."  I have two today!

First, Mark and I finished putting together our new outdoor living space yesterday afternoon. Isn't it lovely?  Doesn't it just make you want sit down and enjoy a cold glass of iced tea in the day or warm cup of cocoa by a fire in the evening?  We got it done just in time for having my cousin, Belle, and her beautiful family over for dinner.  And yes, we did in fact enjoy some iced tea together!

And second!  I just found out today that Paradise Fibers, my local yarn store (LYS for my fellow Ravelers), selected me to be one of their sample knitters.  Yippee!!!  I will be picking up my supplies later this week, but I already know I will be using Kollage 1/2 N 1/2 and knitting fingerless gloves.  Now, let's all hope that I don't have seperation anxiety when I have to give over the fingerless gloves in this yummy yarn to the Paradise Fibers family.  I know they will take loving care of them though.  I would probably do this for free for the practice and to get to play with yummy new yarns, but the perks include store credit based on the hours of knitting I put in and a percentage off my yarn purchases.  Can it get any better?

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