Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Handi-man to the rescue!

For those of you that don’t know, the handi-hummingbird has a handi-man. While as an empowered woman I hold firmly to the fact that technically I could do anything Mark does handi-wise, I don’t. Frankly, I am happy to let him take over certain arenas. For example, I can mow the lawn just fine thank you, but I have absolutely no problem letting Mark complete this chore. It works both ways. I am sure Mark could technically create my yummy tomato sauce (okay, maybe I am stretching it a bit there), but I am fairly certain he is fine with letting me do it all by myself.

The handi-man enjoys having projects to do. So, when I was introduced to these directions for building your own niddy-noddy (for you non fiber enthusiasts, it is used to set the twist on new spun yarn) and found these directions for building your own yarn swift (non fiber nuts, this is to help quickly ball new yarn) I thought of my handi-man. He was of course excited to help make this happen (hmmm, maybe I am stretching a bit again). Last night we went to the hardware store and got everything we needed that we didn’t already have at home for both of these projects. I am excited to see the end result!

Construction will not begin until tomorrow. You see, the handi-man also likes to work on his handi-cap so he is golfing with his buddies this afternoon. I will keep you posted on the progress though!

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