Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend In Review

After I dropped off the fabulous Feather and Fan gloves and went on a little shopping spree, the weekend got into full swing with drinks and dinner with my honey at our favorite happy hour.  It is my favorite way to start weekend. Here are a few more lovely highlights from a great weekend.

... Received a check from Nissan for the salvage of my long gone clunker I traded in. It was $150 I was not expecting!

... Bought some Fimo clay for some stitch markers that have been brewing in my head.  I will say no more, as they should be finding their way into a swap package if they come out as cute as they look in my noggin.  I will share pictures after my swap partner receives them.

... Speaking of swaps, I furiously gathered all kinds of goodies for several swap packages I am putting together.  I have learned it is just as much fun to shop for little treasures for people you barely know as it is for those that you adore and know maybe a little too well.

... On Saturday night we went to see 6' Swing at ValleyFest.  They are one of my favorite local Spokane bands and I enjoyed listening to them immensely.  They are a little swing, a little blues, and a little jazz all rolled into one.

... Sunday was the Coeur d'Alene Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  I was the team leader for the Cardinals Against Cancer Team (the North Idaho College team) and I enjoyed every minute of it.  We had 35 members on our team and everyone had a blast.  You would be amazed at how many people join in the race.  It was fun to look at everyone's team shirts!  I think my favorite shirt was one styled after Rosie the Riveter. 

... I also got to watch the progress of the coffin Mark is making for my work's Halloween decorations.  I think he may of taken it a little too seriously, or else he should get into the coffin making business.  He even crawled into to make sure it was a realistic size.  Love him and the coffin!  We will be keeping this for future decorations outside our house!

... I have a good start on the Lace Cable Shawl as well.  It is forcing me to practice my cables.  I don't know why I usually avoid them.  I think they are gorgeous and they only look hard to do, but for some reason they always intimidate me.

Next weekend we are off to visit friends in Lewiston, Idaho so I am sure I will more frivolity to share on next weekend as well.

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