Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Hearts and Sore Rumps

After driving 9 hours to Twin Falls and five days later driving 9 hours back Mark and I have happy hearts and sore rumps.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my family! I just wish they were not so far away in the distant land of Twin Falls, Idaho. At least I got some knitting done while my rear was trying to find a comfortable spot in my new car's seats. In fact, my honey was so kind as to do the majority of the driving just so I could get some knitting done. I don’t know how he knows how important knitting efficiency is to me. I am sure it is not all of the yarny goodness piling up in my closet. Hey, what was he doing in there any way? He has his own closet he can freely pile up with his nearest and dearest possessions. He doesn’t need to go peeking around at mine. Right?  Hmmm….I guess I digress….

During the five days we were there we enjoyed a cold beer (okay maybe more than one) with my Grandpa and took him to Jackpot for their Sunday champagne brunch. He particularly enjoys the bottomless glass of champagne that comes with the brunch. I think we all did. After that we all threw lady luck a little homage and once we thought we had donated enough money to Jackpot, headed back to Twin Falls.

Grandpa gave me one of the coolest gifts I have ever received during our visit. Nearly 40 years ago my Grandma gave him a traveling bar when he was first elected to the National Farmers Organization (NFO to those in the know) board, and he has now given it to me. Check it out!

It holds either two fifths of booze or one fifth and a bottle of mixer. This will be perfect for going to the lake or camping or any of our friends’ fabulous house parties. Thank you, Grandpa!

I also got in some good cousin time (and maybe enjoyed another beer or two with them). Miss Kale was studying for her Medical Terminology exam so she is missing from our frivolity, but she better be there next time.

A few other highlights include:
Making Grandpa some homemade huckleberry ice cream....

Finding these hilarious cookbooks in my Grandma's stash...

Bringing home my favorite goblets of my Grandma's.  They are a soft brown that does not come across perfect in the pics, but I love them....

I left Twin Falls with a pan of my nummy enchiladas in the freezer, my sticky BBQ ribs in the fridge, and wishing I lived much, much closer. 

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