Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blackberry Adventures (Part 1 of 4)

Hearing that loud motor whirring?  Is it...?  Could it be...?  Homemade ice cream for dinner!

That noise was always a welcome sound growing up because it meant Grandma was making ice cream for dinner.  My sister and I would fidget in anticipation of creamy sweetness and the twang of frozen peaches.  It was always the same recipe, handed down from my Grandpa's sister (my Great Aunt Merle) to my Grandma.  And it always had peaches in it.  Even to this day, Grandpa swears peach is the best.  When I make it and use different fruit (strawberries, huckleberries, or any other I feel like trying) Grandpa still enjoys it.  It's still the best darn homemade ice cream ever, that could only be better if it was peach (so says Grandpa).  It is the best darn homemade ice cream ever, no matter which two cups of fruit you choose to throw it (so says me).  I will never use another ice cream recipe, but I will always experiment with it, adding chocolate, mint, or even BLACKBERRIES.

Mark and I kept the time honored tradition I grew up with when it came to homemade ice cream.  If you are going to bother, you shouldn't bother eating anything else.  Sometimes between the four of us (Grandma, Grandpa, Summer, and I) we would nearly finish off the entire 5 quarts Grandma made.  That might mean we all had to take one for the team and have a two bowls, but it was never so pleasurable to sacrifice yourself.  Mark was such a good sport to keep up tradition.  I am sure it was hard on him. 

So two bowls each for dinner while I thanked the Lord above that I am not lactose intollerant!

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