Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blackberry Adventures (Parts 2-3 of 4)

I decided to tell you these two Blackberry Adventures together since they are both types of preserving, just one preserves with liquor and the other preserves with pectin.  Both are good things.

There is nothing wrong with the good old standby of jamming.  It may not be fancy.  It may not require great skill or large amounts of time.  But I don't think any of us have ever been disappointed with the magic that occurs when fruit and sugar are combined.  Through in a little pectin and that perfect combo is preserved for years.  I usually make a traditional jam where you boil the sugar and fruit together before adding the pectin, but in light of the fact that I had 5 pounds of these gorgeous blackberries to process I opted for the easier and faster method...freezer jam.  I started by smashing the berries with a potato masher. 

Then I mixed them with sugar and freezer jam pectin.  Next you ladle the gooey goodness into your freezer safe containers.  Let it set up for about half an hour and pop them in the freezer.  They will keep there for a year, that is if you have to worry about such things around your house.

The other great preserving adventure is a first for me.  I found this super easy recipe for cordial.  You start by layering your sugar and blackberries in a quart jar.  Then you add your choice of vodka, rum, or brandy.  I opted for our left over White Christmas (a combo of rum and brandy) from making hot buttered rums last winter.  Fill the jar and wait for 2 months, shaking the jar every week to stir the ingredients.  How easy is that!

Stay tuned because there is one more blackberry adventure to come.  I would just like to say that 5 pounds of blackberries is a LOT.

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  1. I may need to go out into the back 40 of my neighborhood and pick some blackberries for the cordial! I have two GIANT things of Kirkland Signature Vodka that a friend got for me in CA. It is distilled by Grey Goose....I'm drooling already! :)