Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beacon Hill

Mark reminded me today of how much I enjoy hiking Beacon Hill.  No, really I do.  Do not let the huffing and puffing from climbing fool you, nor be deceived by my girlish shrieks from sliding in the mud.  I really do love it. 

First, I love it because it has great views.

Second, you are more or less engulfed in a mini-forest in the middle of town.  This does my heart and soul good on many levels.

Lastly, and maybe the most important, it whips my winter laden booty into shape.  Today Mark and I took Justin and Kerri with us.  It was fun to see Charlie play with his "cousin" Porter.  I swear those dogs ran three times as much distance as the four of us walked.  It was also nice to have a fellow huffer and puffer along with me for a change (not naming any names).  I should patent this the Beacon Booty workout!

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