Sunday, January 10, 2010

Naked Needles Need Not Apply

Apparently as soon as I cast off a project, I can't help but start three more.  I am using my purchase of a new set of needles as my excuse.  My grandfather gave the time honored gift of cash for Christmas and my birthday this year, so I put it to good use and purchased the KA Switch Exchangable bamboo needles (and yes I got the dragonfly case).  I am in love and had to immediately find a project for them. 

First though, let's take a look at what I cast off in the last week or so....

Pattern: Rose Red

Replacing these projects are...

Yarn: Queensland Collection Rustic Wool DK in 204

I am returning to my work on my Queen of Hearts mittens.

I have cast on a secret project for a swap partner. 

I have begun work on my first design (eek!) for a Fair Isle hat.  When I get a bit further I will give you a sneak peak, but I can tell you it is chocolate brown, purple, and green and includes dragonflys.  Best of all, I am making it out of 100% baby alpaca by Misti Alpaca.

Until then I leave you with this question.  Is it wrong to have popcorn for dinner, because it felt so right last night.

...the handiman's new air popper...

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