Sunday, January 31, 2010

Window of Inspiration

I know I have brought your attention to this beautiful shop before and Dahlia has so many lovelies, but today my eye was caught by this locket.

What I love about this locket is that you can make it your own.  The peacock feather is only one of a million examples of what you could treasure in this little window. 

It made me start thinking of what little treasures I would place in it.  I think I would make it my inspiration window.  Maybe one day it would contain a scrap of my favorite yarn waiting for a project.  Another day it could be a magazine clipping to stimulate my creative juices.  Yet another day it might contain a drop from my precious perfume bottle that was my Grandma's scent to inspire me to be the same caliber of woman she was.

My window is full of possibility...

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