Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend of Creations

This was a weekend of creating.  On Saturday I participated in painting class at Grande Ronde Cellars in Spokane that was put on by Painting With Spirits.  I had a great time and met some intersting people.  Many of them had taken a class with Painting With Spirits before and plan on doing it again.  I may be among them soon.  I do not necessarily consider myself a painted, but I have played around with watercolors here and there.  This was my first time painting with acrylics (well, on a canvas anyway) and I really enjoyed it.  This is what I came home with (and yes, that is my nearly empty wine glass next to it) and it gets me itching to do more.

I have also tried my hand at felting soap thanks to this great tutorial.  I practiced on Irish Spring soap (the green and white for an extra wink to St. Patty's Day) and Dove (the purplish brown and yellowish brown).  I am pretty happy with the results and already have some handmade soap (what can I say, I am an arts and crafts addict) setting up to make some more.  What do you think?  Etsy worthy? 

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