Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lace of Two Sorts

My hat design is complete and up for sale on Ravelry!  You can find it here.  I went for a lace pattern in 100% cotton to make it summer friendly.  Apparently Ravelry has added a new feature where us Ravelry designers can allow our non-Ravelry friends and followers to still be able to purchase our patterns through them.  I will work on getting that up and running soon for you non-Ravelry folks.

The honey had a great idea on embellishing the hat further, and frankly I am little embarrassed that he thought of it and I did not.  He suggested putting a few beads in the center of the star, which made me also think it would be pretty cute to put a button in the center of the star as well.  Good thinking Marky!

In the mean time I still need to think of something to do for my non-yarn design challenge.  My friend Michelle sent me some pretty little bobbins of lace a while back that I would love to use. I am thinking they would make a very pretty knitted bracelet.

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