Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am always recharged and refreshed after spending time with my family.  I just wish it didn't take a nine hour drive to settle into their presence and take it all in.  Whether it is sharing a beer and stories with my true and steadfast Grandpa, being surounded by the never ending rambunctious energy of my sister and her brood, or laughing and singing karaoke (oh, and maybe a few more beers) with my beautiful cousins, I soak it all in and quietly recognize the hum of my battery reaching full charge.  Really, it doesn't matter what I do with any of them or how long, it all soothes me.

This past long weekend I also discovered that listening to the three most important men in my life (Grandpa, Mark and Charlie Bear) all peacefully snoring around me in their own little worlds of cozy chairs, couches and laps while I read a good book was surprising refreshing to my soul.  At one point a just set down my book, looked around me at the people I love, and just smiled and hoped for the moment to never end.  Of course, eventually everyone woke up and began moving, reminding me that our most favorite moments are often fleeting.

When yesterday morning rolled around I regretfully realized it was time to pack it up and head back home.  We cooked a good breakfast with Grandpa and then hit the road.  We got a lot in though.  On the way down Mark and I discovered a great new brewery and I took him to my absolute favorite pizza place, that alas can only be found in Boise.  It was greating seeing how much bigger my nephew and nieces have become, as well as meeting the newest nephew edition.  I got in that karaoke as well as precious time with my cousins.  We also had one perfect night of just Grandpa, Mark and I where we stayed up late talking politics, philosophy, and just enjoying each other's stories and laughter. 

I now leave you refreshed, recharged, and anxiously awaiting more fleeting and prescious moments with some of the most important people in my

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